Saturday, January 9, 2016

First post of 2016! And ever, really. So last year Matea and I started a Youtube Channel called chicandgeek, and we haven't posted a video in a long time, because we've had a lot going on, but this year we're going to try to do better. Our videos tend to be more geeky than chicey (I just invented a word!) so this blog will add the chic to our geek. The reason that I thought we should start a blog is because it will be much easier to keep up with then doing videos once a week, so if there isn't a video, we'll still probably make a post. We'll start posting videos in Feb. because right now I'm in the last month before my show, and there's a lot to get done! I really don't know everything we'll be doing with this blog, but right now I'm thinking about doing #OOTW, outfit of the week. On Saturday's we'll post a picture of the favorite outfits we wore that week, because #OOTD is a little much if you ask me. (and I'm not super fashionable everyday...) We'll try our best to stick with it this year! Have a great day Internerds!

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